LoveGongs are made from authentic old used vinyl records which have offered joy to people with their music for decades. The records are transformed with human hands and thermosculpture techniques to gong replicas. Various decorative techniques are applied afterwards on their surface creating an always unique gong memorabilia item like original high quality hand made metal gongs themselves. LoveGongs are a medium of transforming an old musical carrier to a new prototype original gong through giving new life to our beloved vinyl music records.


About The LoveGongs – I Love Gongs

The LoveGongs and I Love Gongs were born by GongLove ArtLab as an answer to a multitude of questions and thoughts that had risen all the past years. Being in the Gong Therapy field for almost a decade now, we were looking for a beautiful memorabilia item for people who join us in our gong events. Our research for small metal gongs as souvenirs ended with the conclusion that very small metal gongs or metal gong replicas are usually not beautiful, not good in sound anyway in relation to the gongs used in gong therapy and finally not cheap enough for everyone to own. At the same time, as some of us have been music producers – DJs in the past, we had a big collection of old vinyl music records that we had been looking for a way to give them a new life. The vinyl records look very much like the blank disks – sheets – of metal used in modern high quality gong manufacturing to create gongs from scratch. So the idea was to transform the old carriers of all kind of music to replicas of gong being the carrier of all sounds. And furthermore, we could use these gong replicas memorabilia items to fund the creation and making of new real gong prototypes, certain ideas of people who play the gong which could have the chance to come into life. So, we studied and experimented with thermosculpture techniques on vinyl records and LoveGongs and I Love Gongs were born.

LoveGongs stand as an artist’s canvas for what we like to call Gong Art, an emerging current in all fields of all arts, born and/or influenced by the experience of the therapeutic gong. I Love Gongs stands as a transformer in present of the past to the future, offering beautiful gong memorabilia and art supporting the cause of the creation of new gongs species. For every LoveGong you give home, you help the creation of a new Palladion series gong to be born.

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GongLove ArtLab operates as a non – profit organization with NGO character, with main purpose the research and the diffusion of knowledge about the music instrument known worldwide nowadays as gong, the Palladion of antiquity, as a main music therapy tool. All proceeds from members and friends of GongLove ArtLab and associated projects are used exclusively to self-finance the educational, scientific, research, artistic and community interest activities. GongLove ArtLab  is not financed in any way by public resources.


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